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God radios: How to live with one, how to live without one. What happens if the reception is bad, or the gods quit responding?


One of the biggest parts of learning to communicate is learning to simply listen.

With all your senses, listen.

Netjer will speak to you in different ways, in different forms, in different feelings.

When I first started communicating with deities, I realized I had been blessed with a very strong “godphone.”  I hear the voices of my Mother, not with my physical ears, but in the form of an internal dialogue.  Most of the time it’s accompanied by different feelings, based on Her own.  It took me quite some time before I was able to trust the voices in my head as being those of the divine.  Discernment is something that is VERY important to any spiritual practice which involves spirits and deities.

Heru-sa-Aset talks more in images as well as some words.  There was one instance where I was in a semi-meditative state and we were playing chess together.  It was pretty lucid!  Mafdet rarely speaks, but I feel her in image flashes and emotions.  She is like a burning flame just out of reach.

Netjer can be subtle.  They can speak to you in pictures, in synchronicities, perhaps a certain song on the radio at a certain time.

This is where I stress it again.


Provide an offering and open yourself up to communication in all forms.  Take notice of anything that might be different, out of place, or at the right place at the right time.  Watch the flicker of a candle as you speak to your deities.  Learn to use a pendulum, or even work with the tarot cards, in moderation.  Often times they prefer us to listen to them directly.  It’s ok to trust the images and impressions you get in your mind!  Just consider them for a time first before you jump to conclusions that it was a communicated message.

You don’t have to hear your gods in words in order to have a relationship!  Sometimes the signal comes and goes, but that doesn’t mean that your gods have left you.  Just because the communication dwindles for a time, and mine has on occasion, it’s important to keep praying and keep listening.  They are there, they are paying attention, but perhaps they want you to take this alone for a time.

And if your communication becomes too good? It’s important to set boundaries and stand up for yourself.  They will understand!  Don’t feel that just because a god is bothering you for something at a bad time, that you need to drop everything and do it.  Take care of yourself.

and Listen.

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