I am Beloved

While the website was born as a desire to round up information on Bast-Mut, it has turned into even more than that.  It has turned into a blog in which I can share my experiences, and know this, my experiences aren’t limited to just Mother alone.

I am beloved of two wonderful Netjeru, both Mafdet and Heru-sa-Aset.

They tend to fall more on the quieter spectrum (save for that one week after Wep Ronpet when Heru was buzzing around with energy!), but they are no less important to me in my life.

Mafdet comes to me, sometimes with the head of a cheetah, sometimes a serval, and She usually means business.  I’ve seen Her described as a “smaller, pointier, Sekhmet,” and gosh that is just so true!  I know there is some warmth there, She’s not business all the time, and yet I feel She always has my back and that I am always protected by Her.  She is primal, fierce, strong.  I still work to understand Her fully and I feel Her through emotional impressions.

Heru had also been quiet for a couple of years, and only recently did He speak up.  After Wep Ronpet, I felt so much energy coming from Him, and our communication was amazing at that point.  He would ‘talk’ to me, and I get him strongly in visuals and also emotional impressions.  I received a very delicious cookie at a hotel during that week and oh boy did He want that!  He got His cookie and He was pleased.  He is a King, and also has serious business to attend to, yet I do get more of a playful side to Him.  He likes to joke a little and tries to keep things more lighthearted.  Still, He protects and watches over me.

I’m considering making each of them their own little page on this site as I have done with Mom.  They deserve all I can give them for all the love and protection they have shown me.

Being Her Solider

If I were to describe my relationship with my Mother, Bast-Mut, besides the obvious of being Her daughter, I would describe it as both loving as well as formal. She is still Bast, retaining all the love and joy that is within Her domain, but in Her role as Queen, She is demanding of respect and reverence. She doesn’t allow me to make excuses most of the time, and yet I still do in some cases (I’m working on that.)  If I have a full bath or shower present, I’m required to do the full purification before senut and I’m not allowed to shorthand that.  Despite many of these small requirements, I am also Her child and She does relax Her rules when She knows I’m doing my best with what I have.

She is warm and accepting, and there are many times where I’ve felt Her actually embrace me while in shrine.  In Her presence, I am brought to tears, making me shake a little, making it hard to speak.  I feel Her piercing gaze seeing the whole of who I am, and loving me despite my flaws.  As other children of Mom have stated, She is kind of hard to grasp at times and can be hard to define.  Get to know Her children in order to understand Her.  All I can work from are my own experiences. That is enough for me.

And yet, I am still Her soldier, and my duty is to Her and to Ma’at.always.  This is the formal part of our relationship.  I’m still to watch my actions, to help and aid others when I can, and to perform on Her behalf.  I know that it is in my future to become a priest, and I know it is Her will to have me continue to serve both Herself and the community. I have many years to go, but She is a Goddess, and She is ever patient.

She is the joy and light of my life, and if I ever stray and feel that all is just my imagination, She steps in with both a hug and perhaps the smallest of slaps like a mama cat would to her kitten.  Shame on me for thinking She wasn’t there!  She is the flame that keeps me going on the darkest of days, and I am ever blessed to have Bast-Mut in my life.


This was a URL domain name I had been sitting on when I thought I’d like to re-brand my tarot business. This is something that never came to pass, but the URL was available, and it was now mine. I had other plans for it, but when I decided I wanted to make a larger dedicated site to Bast-Mut, it was the perfect solution.

Inspired by many other blogs dedicated to the Kemetic path and the Netjeru, I felt it was time to start writing my own experiences and path. I feel that I have so much to share, and still so much to learn, and I wish to share it with the world.

Thank you for taking a look!